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Customers choose The Fireplace Stop for efficient home air conditioning solutions that are quiet and affordable.  While low prices are important to every customer, we take care to include many important factors when we quote a cooling system for your home.  Square footage is only the beginning as we also consider rise above ground level, ceiling height, skylights, window size and direction of exposure, and even the path of your ductwork.

A great price isn’t so great if your air conditioner can’t keep up with your home’s natural tendency to absorb and retain heat.  When we perform your air conditioner installation, you can be assured your family will be cool and comfortable all summer long.

If your home has ductwork, Central Air is the preferred and most cost-effective indoor air conditioner option.

For those homes without existing ductwork, The Fireplace Stop has ductless split system air conditioners that are easy and affordable to install in any home.

For more information please contact The Fireplace Stop, and visit our supplier websites:

Canadian Made – Napoleon Air Conditioning

Napoleon keeps you cool

The story gets even cooler when you consider the success of Napoleon air conditioning systems. Designed to complement your landscaping, Napoleon central air conditioners blend it nicely with your home’s natural exterior. Inside, Napoleon uses every new innovation to increase performance. Even the fan blades are high tech.

Using swept blades, Napoleon’s internal cooling system maximizes air-flow while staying whisper-quiet.

Comfortmaker Air Conditioning

LG Air Conditioning