For those homes equipped with a forced-air system, a Central Air Conditioning system is the natural choice. The Fireplace Stop will conduct a site visit to carefully inspect your ductwork and choose the appropriate air conditioner. Factors to consider include size of the home, number of storeys, size of windows, type of glass and direction of exposure. Skylights and ceiling height are also taken into consideration when choosing central air conditioners.

Together, we’ll choose an outdoor location away from windows and high-traffic areas to keep your home air conditioner as discreet as possible. It’s our goal to provide an efficient and affordable air conditioner installation.

For more information please contact The Fireplace Stop, and visit our supplier websites:

Canadian Made – Napoleon Air Conditioning

Committed to Canadians… like us!

The Fireplace Stop believes in the power of the local economy. So we proudly support another local success story: Napoleon Heating and Cooling. Manufactured just up the road in Barrie ON, Napoleon changed the industry a few years ago by creating furnaces that actually look as great as they operate. Designed to fit nicely in a finished basement, your Napoleon Furnace is as attractive as any of your other name-brand appliances.

But Napoleon is not just about good looks. There’s solid technology in every shiny red metal cabinet. Napoleon furnaces maximize every new innovation in efficiency to create a quiet operating system that’s 95% efficient.

Squeezing every last drop of heat from the furnace results in lower operating costs, saving you thousands compared to those installed just a few years ago.

Napoleon knows Canadian weather

Engineered for harsh Canadian climates, only Napoleon knows first-hand what our customers demand. The Fireplace Stop takes every supplier relationship very seriously, because our reputation is on the line with every piece of equipment we install. Napoleon has our confidence, just like we have yours.

Comfortmaker Air Conditioning

LG Air Conditioning