Many homes are built without internal ductwork, then the a ductless air conditioning system is the solution. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have quiet and affordable home air conditioning. Today’s ductless air conditioners are much more sophisticated than the “window rattler” of the past. New slim design split system air conditioners have a small footprint inside the home and allow the exterior unit to attach to the outside wall.

A split system air conditioner is not just for homes without ductwork. In some cases, central air conditioners are unable to provide enough cooling effectiveness to the upper floors of your home.  In this case, a split AC system can supplement your central air conditioner and allow you to perfectly control the temperature at the top of your house.

Since the compressor section of the split system is outside, these air conditioners are quiet and discreet in appearance.  The split AC concept is fully scalable, and able to cool larger or smaller areas in a cost-effective way.

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Canadian Made – Napoleon Air Conditioning

With Napoleon you’ve got options

For those homes with ductwork, Napoleon offers a traditional central air solution. No ducts? No problem. Choose a split AC system to keep your home cool one room or one floor at a time. There’s even a full line of Napoleon split heat-pump systems that keep you warm in winter and cool in summer, with no need to install ductwork at all.

Napoleon knows Canadian weather

Engineered for harsh Canadian climates, only Napoleon knows first-hand what our customers demand. The Fireplace Stop takes every supplier relationship very seriously, because our reputation is on the line with every piece of equipment we install. Napoleon has our confidence, just like we have yours.

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