When choosing a company for your furnace installation, look for experience. As part of the ABL Air Group, The Fireplace Stop has over 25 years of experience installing natural gas furnaces. We also specialize in propane for rural home and cottage environments. As repair experts, the technicians at The Fireplace Stop are well stocked with parts and are trained to work on all aspects of your home’s heating system.

Effective home heating is the result of your furnace working together with fireplaces, wall-heaters and the influence of direct sunlight. We take all of these factors into consideration when recommending a particular solution as part of your overall home-comfort plan.

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Committed to Canadians… like us!

The Fireplace Stop believes in the power of the local economy. So we proudly support another local success story: Napoleon Heating and Cooling. Manufactured just up the road in Barrie ON, Napoleon changed the industry a few years ago by creating furnaces that actually look as great as they operate.

Designed to fit nicely in a finished basement, your Napoleon Furnace is as attractive as any of your other name-brand appliances. But Napoleon is not just about good looks. There’s solid technology in every shiny red metal cabinet. Napoleon furnaces maximize every new innovation in efficiency to create a quiet operating system that’s 95% efficient.

Squeezing every last drop of heat from the furnace results in lower operating costs, saving you thousands compared to those installed just a few years ago.