In general, if you have natural gas hookup available for your home, a natural gas furnace is the most cost effective home heating choice. Natural Gas is the most common fuel for home heating systems in North America. In the last few years the efficiency of gas furnaces have improved considerably, with ratings of 90% efficiency and higher today. The Fireplace Stop can show you how much you can expect to save based on the size of your home and the age of your existing furnace. As prices for natural gas rise, the time it takes to recoup the cost of upgrading decreases. Of course, there are environmental reasons to choose a more efficient gas furnace. But a more energy efficient furnace is an even better idea when it effectively pays for itself in just a few years.

Your quote from The Fireplace Stop will result from a visit to your home.  This allows us to inspect your ductwork and consider the number of floors in your home, square footage and any passive solar heating that naturally occurs. Today’s two-stage gas furnaces provide the heating power of a larger unit with the low operating cost of a smaller furnace during milder weather.

Modern natural gas furnaces are learning machines, working together with a smart thermostat to become more effective over time. By measuring the temperature swings and modifying the speed of the blowers, your new furnace will be better able to heat your home just a few months after installation. This results in a more consistent level of comfort and a significant reduction in your gas bill.

Ask how you can control your furnace using your smart phone when you call for a quote.