Multi fuel Combination Furnaces


Perfect for rural applications, Wood & Combination Furnaces provide the benefits of a wood burning furnace with a responsible backup plan.  The backup system can be oil, gas or electric.  In a typical Wood-Oil Furnace, the system relies on wood as the primary heat source.  However, the furnace will operate on oil when you are away from home, or not able to replenish the wood fire.  Like any other forced air system, a wood oil or wood electric combination furnace is connected to a thermostat, which regulates the heat produced in the wood burning firebox.  By modulating vents and ducts, the furnace produces more heat when it’s needed and slows down the burn process when your home has reached its ideal temperature.

By operating Wood &r Combination Furnaces, homeowners can significantly reduce utility bills while still enjoying the comfort and convenience of a forced-air system.

Napoleon is the biggest name in wood furnaces in Canada.  The Napoleon® Hybrid HMF150 furnace is one of the cleanest and most efficient combination solid fuel burning furnaces on the market today.  It can even use your existing oil furnace as a backup to reduce the cost of upgrading to a wood oil combination system.  Watch video to learn more.