Fireplace Insert


For those people looking for a more efficient and practical way to heat important rooms, stoves and inserts can be a significant improvement over traditional fireplaces. Typical wood fireplaces are aesthetically pleasing and easy to operate.  However, open-air fireplaces suffer from statistically low rates of efficiency (5-15%) when it comes to actually producing useful heat in your home. For that reason, many consider the advantages of installing a wood fireplace insert in the existing site, or adding a stove to colder rooms to maximize heat output.

Wood and gas stoves of the past were ugly, bulky blocks of iron with little visual appeal. Today’s stoves and wood burning inserts have large glass doors and windows to provide the beauty of a fireplace with the efficiency of a sealed combustion system.

The Fireplace stop can offer advice as to which method of home heating is right for you. Our natural gas or propane stoves and inserts are easy to install and can operate independently of electricity. Our wood stoves and wood fireplace inserts are beautiful and effective methods of heating your home in a sustainable and environmentally conscious way.