Gas Stoves and Inserts


The Fireplace Stop specializes in the installation of gas stoves and inserts. By converting an existing wood burning fireplace to a gas insert, efficiency is dramatically increased with the resulting improvement in heat output. You’ll never worry about chopping, splitting, or hauling wood again, as your gas fireplace insert ignites with press of a button. No power? No problem. Gas or propane fireplace inserts will keep your family warm, and your pipes safe from freezing, even when the hydro goes out.

Switching from a traditional or older wood burning fireplace to safer, more efficient gas insert has never been easier. The Fireplace stop can convert your existing wood fireplace to gas with an insert solution. With a Gas or Propane fireplace insert, you get the advantages of beautiful dancing flames with the ability to perfectly control the amount of heat generated in your home. The result is a natural way to enhance the appeal of your living space with all the convenience of a thermostat or remote control.

Napoleon Gas Stoves & Inserts

Gas stoves and inserts easily improves your principal rooms without the need for a traditional hearth and mantel or stonework. The Fireplace Stop can install your new gas stove anywhere that suits you.

New Fireplace Designs to Inspire Your Creativity

The Fireplace Stop has been showing off the most exciting new fireplace and stove designs from Europe this year. The most interesting ones have been coming from Germany this year, and The Fireplace Stop is one of the few places in Canada to offer them. We even have new fireplaces that are modular in nature. That means we can make them, essentially, any size you’d like. Want a gas fireplace with an 8 foot long flame? No problem. This opens up a world of possibilities for a fireplace to suit your renovation or new home build.