With a wood fireplace insert, you get the preferred efficiency of a wood stove with the visual appearance of a traditional fireplace. Wise customers see the value of a wood burning insert with dramatically more heat compared to the open-air fireplace it replaces. As technology progresses, today’s wood stoves and inserts emit less particulate matter and residual heat out through the chimney. This means more heat stays where you want it: inside your home. The Fireplace Stop has many options of inserts for wood burning fireplaces. The older your fireplace is, the greater the improvement you’ll experience with a new wood fireplace insert.

New technology in wood stoves extracts more energy from each stick of wood you burn. And modern wood stoves are as beautiful as they are functional. Large glass windows and doors provide warm natural light in your room, with the improved safety of a visual cue that the stove is hot to the touch.

Use your wood stove as a primary heat source to save money on utility bills, or use it as a backup solution during power-failures for peace of mind.