water heaters


Our experts in water heaters will discuss all of the various options including traditional tank heaters, and tankless, or on-demand water-heaters. The Fireplace Stop provides you the best water heater for any home installation.

Depending on the size of your family and the nature of your hot water usage, a low-cost hot water solution can always be found.

Choosing a water heating solution is often a balance between up-front cost and long-term savings on fuel. While a traditional tank heater often costs less to install, a tankless water heater will typically save the homeowner hundreds of dollars per year in reduced gas bills.

Tankless heaters have the advantage of providing limitless amounts of hot water, no matter how long you leave the tap on. It only takes a few seconds to achieve the desired temperature from your tankless heater.

Traditional tank water heaters provide heat a few seconds sooner than tankless, but with a serious downside. The tank is constantly keeping a massive amount of water extremely hot all day and all night – whether you need it or not. The larger the tank, the more this costs you in needlessly high gas bills.

Tank heaters typically cost less than on-demand water heaters because they are much simpler machines. Tankless heaters are computer controlled and variable to produce only the amount of hot water that you need at any given instant. This increase in complexity results in a higher up-front cost. But the long-term cost savings easily makes up for this in just a few years.

Whether you’re looking for a tank heater, or a tankless device, The Fireplace Stop can solve your hot water problems. We have experience with both options and can explain any issues that you can expect with installation and long-term reliability.

Call The Fireplace Stop if you have a leaking water heater or if you are simply looking to increase efficiency and reduce expenses in your home.