Fireplace Stop Hot Water Heaters


Older design gas water heaters were limited in where they could be installed due to concerns for chimney placement.  Today’s power vented water heaters can be placed almost anywhere in your home.  This makes it easier to replace costly electric water heaters, which have no exhaust, with a newer gas model with lower operating cost.  These new designs of Gas Water Heaters can be vented up to 180 feet from the source, using 4” vent pipe through walls or ceilings.  Your home builder or contractor will love the ability to place the water heater where it is needed, and not necessarily in a mechanical room with chimney stacks.

The Hot Water Experts at The Fireplace Stop will help to assess your needs to recommend a plan that provides sufficient hot water at the lowest price.  As a general rule, larger families need larger tank heaters.  There are many advantages of a larger tank including the ability of the larger water heater to retain heat in the event of a power failure.  Some homeowners have enjoyed hot showers as much as 24 hours after the power went out with a large, efficient tank heater.