Tankless Water Heaters


Many homeowners are now choosing to install tankless water heaters in new home builds and renovations.

The downside of the old-fashioned tank water heaters is that they consume so much energy keeping a large container of water heated to soup-like temperatures, regardless of whether anyone needs it.  Through the night, or even if you leave your home, that giant caldron of soup is simmering away, costing you money, regardless of your consumption of hot water.

 You’ll enjoy significantly reduced operating costs with an on-demand hot water system.  These instant hot water heaters only produce hot water when it’s needed, and thus do not cost you money when the hot water tap is off.  An additional benefit is that you cannot run out of hot water.  You’ll never feel the need need to rush through your shower before the water gets cold.

Europeans have used tankless water heaters for years due to their small size and lower fuel consumption.  As the price of fuel rises in Canada, instant hot water heaters make more sense for more families.

Tankless water heaters are available in natural gas and propane models.  Homeowners are delighted to learn they are roughly the size of a suitcase, much smaller than traditional tank water heaters.  In fact they’re small enough to hang on a wall in a closet.  On-demand hot water is especially well suited to cottages and second homes to reduce costs while providing reliable hot water to homeowners and guests.

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