With financing you can upgrade now! Contact The Fireplace Stop to discuss options to install that efficient new system now. When considering the cost of upgrading your furnace or air conditioning, also consider the price you’re paying for not upgrading. With an older inefficient furnace, you’re sending a lot of money up the chimney every day the furnace operates. Often that can amount to up to 40% of your utility bill. This is why many people choose to finance their new systems.

By installing the new system now, and paying later, you can use the fuel savings to subsidize your payments over time. The Fireplace Stop can help you calculate how long it takes for a particular furnace or AC upgrade to pay for itself. Waiting until you have the cash on-hand can often cost you more money in the long run.

Choose from no interest/no payment options for one year, or ask about our flexible longer-term payment plans. It’s our goal to get you the efficient new system you need at a price that’s affordable.

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