We’re proud of the high quality heating, air conditioning and outdoor living products we sell. But where we really shine is our installation. That’s where 25 years of experience benefits our customers. It starts with an on-site home visit and quote. Our technicians are highly skilled and trained to install everything we sell. And if the job is tricky, you might just see company owner Andy Leonard on site to supervise the install to make sure everything goes right.

The Fireplace Stop is a family business. And that means the Leonard family’s name is on the line with every job. Experience teaches us that there really is a right and a wrong way to do just about anything. And it’s easier to do the job right the first time than it is to explain why mistakes were made.

It’s okay to ask us questions. We enjoy discussing why we do things the way we do. We believe the more you understand the process the better you’ll appreciate a job well done.

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