Straight from Belgium – Unique European

Designs from Stûv

You’ll find simplicity and clean lines are the hallmark of a fireplace or stove from Stûv. One of the very few Stûv dealers in Canada, The Fireplace Stop is proud to offer this innovative European fireplace maker to customers in Central Ontario.

Stûv is not just for looking at

The Designers at Stûv have always paid particular attention to the functional aspects of its fireplaces and have made many innovations that have set standards in the ever-changing stove and fireplace industry. More than anything, Stûv endeavours to create innovative solutions that integrate renewable energy into the heating systems of tomorrow.

Stûv as a state of mind

Leading the way with creative designs since 1983, Stûv has only been available in North America for a few years. The Stûv philosophy has always been to combine the pleasures of a fire with timeless design and efficient heating. While some may see Stûv as a minimalist approach to appearance, architects of Canada’s finest homes choose Stûv to complement their overall design goals.

Stûv in context

The Two Hulls House in Nova Scotia is an excellent example of Canadian design married to the simplicity and effective heating of a Stûv fireplace.

Stuv Inspiration Case Studies

If you’re looking for a fireplace or stove that is unlike anything your neighbours have seen before, Stûv may be your first choice. Let these design ideas inspire your next renovation or building project.

Stuv Photo Galleries

The installation experts at The Fireplace Stop are experienced in working with your contractor or designer. Or we can manage the installation project ourselves. It’s your home, which means it’s your choice. Either way, Stûv will make a warm impression on family and guests alike.

While Stûv is not for everyone, those with a “less is more” design philosophy will find Stûv particularly appealing. Ask why Stûv chose The Fireplace Stop to be their bootson-the-ground in our area.